Probate Litigation

probate litigation

Probate is an area of law that most people do not want to deal with.  After all, losing a loved one can be emotionally traumatic and stressful.  More often than not, probate involves the administration of a loved one’s estate where action is taken that is in accordance with a deceased loved one’s last will and testament.  If there is no will to interpret a deceased individual’s wishes, a probate court must administer the individual’s estate in accordance with Arizona probate law.  However, there are situations where a loved one may be incapacitated and his or her guardian or conservator is not acting in the best interest of your loved one.  In such cases, you may wish to take action to protect your deceased, incapacitated, or minor loved one.  Whatever the dispute may be, probate litigation may be the best way to get the matter resolved.

When conflict arises, seeking the help of a skilled Tucson Probate Litigation Attorney can help you address the obstacles you are facing and successfully overcome them.  The word “litigation” does not have the best connotation, and many people believe litigation is often frivolous.  While litigation can in fact be frivolous, it can also be the one way for you to protect both your rights and interests, as well as those of your loved ones. At My AZ Legal Team, PLLC, our Tucson Probate Litigation Attorneys continually help clients litigate probate matters including, but certainly not limited to, the following:

  • Contesting the validity of a deceased loved one’s last will and testament or trust (i.e., interpreting the true meaning, ensuring it was not created under duress or fraud, and ensuring your loved one was competent at the time he or she signed the will or trust, etc.);
  • Initiating action to recover property that belongs to your deceased or incapacitated loved one;
  • Initiating an elder abuse action (this can be done under Arizona civil law, but can also be dealt with in probate court); and
  • Contesting the conduct of the administrator or executor of a loved one’s estate, the conduct of a guardian or conservator, or the conduct of an individual claiming an interest in your loved one’s estate.

Probate litigation is much broader than many Tucson residents realize.  Any dispute that involves estate matters may need to be resolved through litigation.  It is always best to seek resolution outside of the courtroom through negotiation or mediation, however, when agreements cannot be reached, litigation may be the most reasonable way to ensure your loved one’s wishes are being fulfilled and you are reaching a result you are satisfied with.

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When loved ones pass away, the last thing anyone wants is to fight over your loved one’s estate, and what family member is entitled to what assets and other property.  But, probate matters are not always limited to family feuds.  Regardless of what the specific reasons may be for a probate dispute, it is important to consider how a Tucson Probate Litigation Attorney can help you face and overcome the challenges you are facing.  Dealing with estate and probate can be very complicated and many questions go unanswered when there is no attorney standing by to guide and support you.  The Tucson Probate Litigation Attorneys of My AZ Legal Team, PLLC have extensive experience handling probate matters, and they have the necessary advocacy skills to represent your rights and interests both inside and outside of the courtroom. My AZ Legal Team, PLLC has received an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau as well as multiple positive online reviews, demonstrating a reputation for providing excellent legal representation.  If you would like to speak directly with one of our Tucson Probate Litigation Attorneys, contact My AZ Legal Team, PLLC today.  We are available 24/7 to answer your questions and address your concerns.